“I want to initiate wonder and questions, intrigue and entertain the senses, while communicating my thoughts, dreams and desires.”



Susan was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she grew up loving the outdoors and the beauty of nature. Many vacations were spent camping with her family and exploring the western half of the United States. She studied Commercial Art and Advertising at Utah State University and continues to takes classes and workshops to expand her artistic skills. 

In 1996, she moved to Charlotte, NC and started Creative Art by Susan Nuttall, a company specializing in commissioned art work incorporating oils, textured mix media, and encaustic paintings and Sculptures.

Susan is currently living at Carolina Beach with her husband, David, where her paintings are inspired from photos taken during her many travels around the world.

Susan's need to create heavy textured artwork started when her grandfather went blind. As a young girl she wanted to make art so that he could feel what she was creating. She would work in all kinds of different mediums to allow him to experience her art work through his sense of touch. 

Years later when she was doing large murals she wanted to make them with more dimension. Susan could find no product on the market that pleased her, so she set out to perfect her own medium in hopes of creating paintings with the texture she envisioned. Susan has been using this self created medium in her art for over 20 years. 

The process of creating Susan's textured paintings and encaustics begins by working with her photos and her sketch book. Once she finalizes the design for the painting, she starts with a pre-made art board, layering the textured medium using an artist trowel or spatula. This can be many layers to get the desired back ground texture she envisions. Susan then adds the detail layers by hand sculpting each element to the background layers. After she completes the texture part of the artwork, she then makes her own oil glazes and starts the overlay process. Susan uses many layers of oils and varnishes and hot wax encaustics to achieve depth in each of her paintings. After she is happy with the layers process, she then  finishes with small details of oil paints to achieve the final painting.

The evolution of this creative process has both helped her to further develop her personal artistic style while satisfying her love of working with heavy textures in her artwork. 

Susan has won numerous awards, both  regionally and nationally. Her paintings can be found in public and private collections throughout the world. 


Museum Representation

Art Exhibit
Cameron Art Museum, Willington NC. 2017- 2018

Museum of Encaustic Art
Permanent display, Santa Fe, NM

Art Exhibit
Cameron Art Museum, Willington NC. 2015

The Art of Southern Music
Belk Museum, Charlotte NC 2014

Art Exhibit - Gaston Museum
Dallas, NC 2013


Encaustic Art Institute Gallery
632 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe, NM 875015

Atrium Art Gallery
61 Queens Street, Charleston, SC 843-973-3300

Gallery Of Fine Art
964 Inspiration Drive, Wilmington NC 28405

Grand Bohemian Gallery - The Kessler Collection
700 Drayton St., Savannah, Georgia 31401


CAM Raleigh / Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh NC 2019

Solo Show - Coffee & Thompson Gallery, Charlotte, NC 2016

National Juried Encaustic / Wax Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM 2015

Solo Exhibit - C.H. Exhibitions Series, Chapel Hill, NC 2015

ALL Things Birds & Beautiful, Eastsound, WA 2015 *1st place

Bank of the Arts Juried Exhibition - Craven Arts Council & Gallery, New Bern NC. 2015

“I am Woman” Juried show, The Next Picture Show Gallery, Dixion, IL *2nd place

Southern Appalachian Guild National, Juried Show, Blue Ridge, GA *3rd place

Moja Arts Festival, Juried Show, Charleston, SC *Honorable Mention Oil